Design tools for RIH

Design tools for RIH

Stream A—The design of RIH

Experimenting and enhancing RIH design tools

How can we help health innovators who wish to work with RIH’s dimensions and attributes to design and develop responsible innovations?

To answer this question, we collaborated with the TransMedTech Institute of Polytechnique Montréal and implemented, in Fall 2019, a co-design project to identify tools that can design responsible innovations in health. Eight teams of health innovators from different professional fields, including rehabilitation, biomedical engineering, communication, design, and management were recruited, for a total of 17 participants. Working with the RIH framework as a design brief, participants conceptually redesigned an existing innovation in order to make it more responsible.

To do so, the 9 RIH attributes were transformed into “responsibility cards” and each team received 5 different cards as their design brief. For example:

To increase the innovation’s degree of responsibility, the teams identified tools (e.g., standards, norms, models, criteria, or processes) to support the design of responsible innovations. Then, they shared what they believed were the best tools to include in our RIH Design Toolbox. The latter was made publicly available to those wishing to develop responsible innovations in health in a book published in 2022:


Project Lead: Lysanne Rivard