20 September 2016

Our study

Our research objective

This study explores how innovation developers in Quebec and Ontario perceive the processes and products of responsible innovation in health (RIH).

Your contribution

You are invited to take a closer look at 9 innovations presented on this website. They are divided into the following 3 categories:


Approximately 20 minutes of reading time is required.

During the interview, we will ask you to comment and to share your reflections on the innovations’ characteristics.

We suggest that you download and print this RIH Memo which combines the 9 innovations into 1 PDF file and includes a page for brief notes.

Depending on the interview format (in person, via Skype, or by phone) and your personal preference, you will have the choice to either browse the website and/or consult the memo while discussing with the Research Professional.

What is RIH?

RIH consists of a collaborative endeavour wherein stakeholders are committed to clarify and meet a set of ethical, economic, social, and environmental principles, values, and requirements when they design, finance, produce, distribute, and use sociotechnical solutions to address the needs and challenges of health systems in a sustainable way.

RIH refers to the technology as well as the organization that develops and makes it available to end-users. The principles, values, and requirements of RIH are applied throughout a technology’s lifecycle, promoting the best social and environmental practices.

In the health field, our research team identified dimensions related to the responsibility of a health innovation. They are:


During the interview, we will describe each of these dimensions and explain how they guided our selection of the innovations presented on this website. You will be invited to share your reflections on whether or not these dimensions help to define and characterize a responsible health innovation.