Journal of Health Organization and Management

An important step to ensure the successful integration of AI and avoid unnecessary investments and costly failures, better consideration should be given to: 1) needs and added-value assessment; 2) workplace readiness: stakeholder acceptance and engagement; 3) technology-organization alignment assessment; and 4) business plan: financing and investments. Decision-makers and technology promoters should better address the complexity of AI and understand the systemic challenges raised by its implementation in healthcare organizations and systems.

Alami, H., Lehoux, P., Denis, JL., Motulsky, A., Petitgrand, C., Savoldelli, M., Rouquet, R., Gagnon, MP., Roy, D., Fortin, JP. (2020). Organizational readiness for artificial intelligence in health care: Insights for decision-making and practice. Journal of Health Organization and Management.