Responsible food systems

Responsible food systems

Research training activities

Renata Pozelli is currently pursuing her doctoral research project on the responsible production and consumption of food.

Our food is produced, processed and distributed within “food systems.” Currently, the way such systems are organized in most countries is characterized by the presence of “dominant” organizations and practices, developed during the Industrial Revolution, in a context of demographic and economic growth. However, previous studies have already shown the negative effects of these dominant practices on human health and on the environment. To change this situation, a transition to better practices in food systems is currently taking place. Initiatives that incorporate attributes of responsibility are emerging all around the world. They include, for example, rooftop agriculture and organic basket networks, among others. However, the current state of knowledge is limited since little is known about how these innovations are emerging and how a transition to more responsible food systems can be achieved.

To fill this gap, this doctoral thesis aims to better understand food system transitions in the context of an established and an emerging economy: the province of Quebec and the state of São Paulo. These regions face different food security challenges, but both show a high dependency upon the dominant food system and an increased interest in innovative systems. A multiple case study design is applied and combines interviews with organizations in both regions with secondary data analysis. The results of this thesis, which is comprised of four articles, contribute to the consolidation of organizations and food practices that contribute to health and, therefore, responsible food systems.


Project Lead : Renata Pozelli